4 girls smiling with innertubes


Crystal Pool

Knoebels Crystal Pool features a zero depth entry shallow end, plus a stepped entry.  There are two sliding boards in the pool and a deep end with multiple diving boards! For the little ones, we also feature a separate kiddie pool and play area. 
American Red Cross Certified lifeguards are on duty at all times.
Splashing parent and child

Kiddie Play Area

Splash around in our kiddie pool and play area just for the little ones!
Kids love running under fountains and waterfalls, playing with the
water cannons, going on the seesaw and splashing around in the shallow water.


Make a big SPLASH on four exciting slides!
  1. Two Slide Winders: these tunnel tube slides offer exciting twists, turns, and drops before you land in our splash pool (height requirements: 42" w/ and adult; 48" alone).
  2. Twin Twister Slides: these speed slides will have thrill-seekers flying down an almost vertical drop at super-sonic speeds! (Height requirements: 48").
Kids climbing on nets

Climbing Nets

In addition to our pools and water slides, Knoebels Crystal Pool has a climbing net. Take a break from the water and climb to the tree tops on our one of a kind climbing nets!