Hand Cars

Kiddie Rides

  • Status: OPEN
  • Price: $1.25
  • Maximum Height to Ride: 48"

This kid-powered ride has been a popular choice for generations! It's an experience handed down from parents to children! Kids sit with their legs outstretched and use a hand crank to propel the cart along a set of miniature train tracks. The faster they crank the wheel, the faster they go!

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Kozmo's Ratings

  • Speed: 1
  • Intensity: 1
  • Thrill: 2
  • Ride Height: 1
  • Nostalgia: 5

More Information

  • Made by Hodge's Handcars in Indianapolis, IN
  • Hodge's Handcars was once owned by Knoebels
  • Many cars were purchased from Lakewood Park in Barnesville, PA in 1958

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