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Piper with money

We will sell you $20 books of ride tickets at a cost of $15. You turn around and sell the tickets at whatever margin works for you.

Determine Your Selling Price
Profit Margins

Sell at $16 for a profit of $1.00
Sell at $17 for a profit of $2.00
Sell at $18 for a profit of $3.00
Sell at $19 for a profit of $4.00
Sell at $20 for a profit of $5.00

Minimum Order Quantity: 200 books of $20 Ride Tickets.

Pick Your Dates

Pick a date to pickup your tickets!  All tickets will be packed and available for pick up at the park office. We request a 2-day lead time on all ticket orders.  Then get with your group, and decide when you want to sell the tickets, and when all ticket orders are due!  Yep it's that easy.  We even have a sell sheet for you to download to use to track orders!   

Download Sell Sheet

Get Started With Ticket Sales

If you have determined your quantity, selling price & ticket pickup date, you are ready to begin your fundraiser with Knoebels! 

Erik Beagle, Group Sales Manager
PO BOX 317 
391 Knoebels Blvd
Elysburg, PA 17824 


Fundraising - Dine to Donate
At The Nickle Plate Bar & Grill

Only 1/2 mile from the Amusement Park, at Knoebels Three Ponds Golf Course.

Need money to support a great cause, a team, or charity group?  Let us know - so you can host a "Dine to Donate" event at the Nickle Plate Bar & Grill.  We will contribute 20% of your check to the organization of your choice!

"Dine to Donate" events are open to typically scheduled on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 5pm - 8pm.


After a date is approved by Nickleplate management, the fundraiser/organization host can download the flyer below, and customize it with the date and time of the "Dine to Donate" event.  The fundraiser/organization host will make copies and share with everyone and anyone they wish.  The flyer just needs to presented to a Nickle Plate server at the time of order and 20% of your check will be donated back to your organization.  It's. That. Easy.

Fundraiser/organization host or volunteers cannot hand out the flyer on property the night of the event.  Purchases include dine-in or take-out (excluding alcohol & gift card purchases).

Customize Your Flyer

Get Started With Dine To Donate
Contact Lura Good, Marketing & Events Coordinator
Nickle Plate Bar & Grill
@ Knoebels Three Ponds Golf Course
954 State Route 487 Elysburg, PA 17824