the world in a drop of water resting on a leaf


  • Shady SpotDid you know that Knoebels plants at least 50 to 100 trees per year? As part of Knoebels' commitment to the environment, we can guarantee that if we cut down a tree, it’s for a good reason. There's also a good chance you can still find them somewhere on the property. Knoebels Campground is proud to display some of those trees in our log cabins!
  • Stop & Smell the FlowersKnoebels is full of beautiful flowers, arrangements, baskets and beds! Each year our “Flower Crew” designs and plants these in early spring. “What type of soil do you use?” is the most common flower question asked by our guests. The secret? Our compost pile! Nestled in a grove of trees, our park boasts many varieties! Each year when the leaves fall, our grounds crew gathers them and adds them to the compost pile. This soil is what makes our flowers so beautiful! ENJOY!
  • Reduce, Reuse, RecyclePart of being environmentally conscious is making sure we do what we can to help reduce the amount of waste at our park. Our very own recycling center ensures that our daily operations help hold us to these standards. From recycling our soda cups to the oil used in our deep fryers, Knoebels is committed to making a difference in the world today!
  • Thrill of a LifetimeOne might say that wooden roller coasters are some of the highlights of the ride lineup here at Knoebels. Over thirty years ago, in 1985, we relocated our “Phoenix” coaster from San Antonio, TX to right here in Elysburg, PA! This is just one example of our commitment to giving “Old Rides-New Life!" Visitors of all ages enjoy experiencing our “classic” rides. Who would have guessed that some rides have been here for over 50 years!
  • Stay Charged!As you make your way to Knoebels, you may stop for gas, snacks or even the occasional “stretch” (for our guests traveling long distances). Once here, you are rested and ready to take on the park. Don’t forget, as part of stepping into the “new age” of transportation, Knoebels offers a charging station for those with electric cars. Save money, save a stop on the way home and get CHARGED at Knoebels!