Fairway with Mowed Lines


HOLE 1: Par 4

Our beautiful opening hole is a straightaway par 4 with pine trees lining the fairway and five strategically placed sand bunkers protecting the green. Be sure to use the right club for your second shot into a green that is 25 yards deep.

  • Blue Tee: 351 yards
  • White Tee: 332 yards
  • Gold Tee: 308 yards
  • Red Tee: 315 yards
  • Orange Tee: 146 yards

HOLE 2: Par 4

Playing 328 yards downwind, our second hole is a tough fairway to hit, sloping right to left. A picturesque second shot playing into a green with a large bunker right and a pot bunker left.

  • Blue Tee: 403 yards
  • White Tee: 371 yards
  • Gold Tee: 363 yards
  • Red Tee: 254 yards
  • Orange Tee: 146 yards

HOLE 3: Par 4

What you see is what you get. But don’t be fooled, the green looks flat but slopes front to back, so it creates a challenging approach shot especially to a front or middle pin placement.

  • Blue Tee: 396 yards
  • White Tee: 344 yards
  • Gold Tee: 297 yards
  • Red Tee: 290 yards
  • Orange Tee: 161 yards

HOLE 4: Par 4

You can surely get yourself in trouble on this short par 4. With trees on the right and a fairway bunker on the left, along with a small pot bunker in front of the green, there are many challenges on this uphill 270 yard par 4. There is a remarkable view of the valley from this green.

  • Blue Tee: 294 yards
  • White Tee: 277 yards
  • Gold Tee: 268 yards
  • Red Tee: 223 yards
  • Orange Tee: 137 yards

HOLE 5: Par 3

This is the first par 3 on the golf course. Because of the elevation change from tee to green the hole plays a bit shorter than the yardage on the card. Watch out for the bunker on the left and don’t go right!

  • Blue Tee: 183 yards
  • White Tee: 180  yards
  • Gold Tee: 167 yards
  • Red Tee: 162 yards
  • Orange Tee: 157

HOLE 6: Par 3

The second of the back-to-back par 3s on the front nine is a challenging, but rewarding hole. There is a lily pond in front with bunkers left and right protecting a shallow undulating green. The mountain background provides perspective.

  • Blue Tee: 212 yards
  • White Tee: 172 yards
  • Gold Tee: 137 yards
  • Red Tee: 114 yards
  • Orange Tee: 75 yards

HOLE 7: Par 5

A challenging dog leg left, par 5 with out-of-bounds down the entire left side. The safe shot off the tee is straight out the right side. With a fairway sloping right to left, make sure you control your draw on your second shot. Our signature hole will definitely test your game.

  • Blue Tee: 617 yards
  • White Tee: 579 yards
  • Gold Tee: 433 yards
  • Red Tee: 375 yards
  • Orange Tee: 200 yards

HOLE 8: Par 5

A partially hidden pond located on the left side of the fairway and the five inch fescue on the right forces you to keep it in the middle. Makes you think twice about standing up and pounding the driver.

  • Blue Tee: 517 yards
  • White Tee: 497 yards
  • Gold Tee: 476 yards
  • Red Tee: 395 yards
  • Orange Tee: 260 yards 

HOLE 9: Par 4

Usually playing downwind, the ninth is a player-friendly driving hole. The driving range to the left is out of bounds. The green is fronted by two bunkers. Make sure you select the correct club for your approach shot.

  • Blue Tee: 388 yards
  • White Tee: 367 yards
  • Gold Tee: 342 yards
  • Red Tee: 295 yards
  • Orange Tee: 150 yards 

HOLE 10: Par 3

This uphill par 3 with water just in front of the tee plays about half a club longer than you think. Whatever you do, don’t go long or left!

  • Blue Tee: 184 yards
  • White Tee: 152 yards
  • Gold Tee: 132 yards
  • Red Tee: 109 yards
  • Orange Tee: 110 yards

HOLE 11: Par 5

This hole is a perfect example of risk-reward. You can either layup at the top of the hill, or for the longer hitters, challenge the water by hitting the driver. When in use the new tee box built in the summer of 2008 presents a sensation of teeing off out of a tunnel.
  • Blue Tee: 508 yards
  • White Tee: 404 yards
  • Gold Tee: 401 yards
  • Red Tee: 394 yards
  • Orange Tee: 228

HOLE 12: Par 4

With a blind tee shot, avoid hitting it left out-of-bounds and you’ll be fine. The fairway is shaped so that slightly inaccurate shots collect in the middle. There is a well placed bunker in front of the green and O B behind adding more challenge to this par 4.

  • Blue Tee: 325 yards
  • White Tee: 308 yards
  • Gold Tee: 270 yards
  • Red Tee: 250 yards
  • Orange Tee: 121 yards 

HOLE 13: Par 4

With out-of-bounds right, and a pond short and left of the green, your best friend is accuracy on this hole. The smarter players hit a hybrid or iron to be sure to keep the ball in play.

  • Blue Tee: 298 yards
  • White Tee: 272 yards
  • Gold Tee: 253 yards
  • Red Tee: 239 yards
  • Orange Tee: 130 yards 

HOLE 14: Par 4

One of our longer par 4 holes, the fourteenth features out-of-bounds on the right along with a reachable fairway bunker for the longer hitters. Be cautious on your second shot. You don’t’ want to go long!

  • Blue Tee: 389 yards
  • White Tee: 366 yards
  • Gold Tee: 304 yards
  • Red Tee: 301 yards
  • Orange Tee: 180 yards 

HOLE 15: Par 4

A drivable par 4 protected by an enormous bunker right in front of the green. If you are going to miss, miss to the left. Water protects the entire right side of the hole. 

  • Blue Tee: 284 yards
  • White Tee: 275 yards
  • Gold Tee: 262 yards
  • Red Tee: 256 yards
  • Orange Tee: 96 yards

HOLE 16: Par 4

A visually aesthetic hole with the pond and fountains on your right. Cut off as much of the corner as you please, but watch you don’t get too greedy. 

  • Blue Tee: 328 yards
  • White Tee: 318 yards
  • Gold Tee: 310 yards
  • Red Tee: 253 yards
  • Orange Tee: 175 yards

HOLE 17: Par 3

The final par 3 with a very challenging green. If the pin is on the right side take a minimum of one more club to be certain to hit the green. 
  • Blue Tee: 163 yards
  • White Tee: 151 yards
  • Gold Tee: 138 yards
  • Red Tee: 106 yards
  • Orange Tee: 100 yards 

HOLE 18: Par 4

Be sure to play it down the left side. Anything center-to-right will kick down the hill and you will be blocked out by the enormous pine tree just short of the green. Don’t miss the green right!!!

  • Blue Tee: 407 yards
  • White Tee: 395 yards
  • Gold Tee: 343 yards
  • Red Tee: 265 yards
  • Orange Tee: 164 yards