Pavilion Reservations

Tables in our pavilions are FREE to reserve & the space is yours all day!
We can accommodate groups from 10 to 10,000. 
For all other questions see our FAQs below.

Pavilion Map

Griddle Rental

While guests are welcome to bring their own grill, you can also rent a 30-inch flat surface griddle from Knoebels. Griddles may be reserved 3-10 days before your picnic to take advantage of early reservation pricing. Reservations less than 3 days prior to your event are same day pricing. (Griddle availability is limited)
Early Reservation: $35
Same day: $70
Griddles may be used between the hours of 9am-7pm. Guests are never to light a griddle on their own. Guests experiencing any problems while using the griddle are to contact the park office at 1-800-487-4386 ext. 120 or park security for assistance. Pots, pans or dishes are NOT allowed on griddles. Misuse of griddles may result in forfeiting use for the remainder of the day and future use.

Pavilion FAQs

How much does it cost to rent a pavilion at Knoebels?

Pavilion space is always free to reserve based on availability. Parking is free too!

How do I reserve a pavilion at Knoebels?

Call 1-800-ITS-4-FUN ext 220. We will need to know the date your are looking for and approximate guest size to check availability.

How soon can I reserve a pavilion at Knoebels?

Guests have 10 days to re-reserve the same pavilion & weekend for the following year, then it is open to the public. New pavilion space reservations can be made 50 weeks in advance.

Will we have the pavilion to ourselves?

To accommodate as many pavilion requests as possible, we reserve by table, not pavilion. So there is a good change there will be other groups in the pavilion as well, especially on weekends. But the tables that are yours, are yours all day, there is no time limit.

How long do we have the pavilion space?

Your reserved tables are yours all day, there is no time limit.

When/Where do we need to check in?

No need to check in. When you arrive, head right to your reserved pavilion. The tables that are yours will be marked in chalk with your name.

Is there power in the pavilions?

Each pavilion does have at least one outlet and it is first come, first served. We ask that guests share outlets. If you plan to use power bring a heavy duty extension cord and power strip for best results. Tents do not have power.

Are there charcoal grills available at Knoebels?

There are no charcoal grills. We do have 30” flat top griddles available to rent, based on availability, though September.  They can be rented, no sooner than 10 days before your picnic. Call 1-800-ITS-4-FUN X124. Early reservation pricing (booked 3-10 days prior) $35, same day pricing $70.  You may also bring your own grill.

Can we bring our own food to Knoebels?

Yes, but no glass or alcohol. Bring any food you would like, coolers are also welcome. Knoebels does offer both full service and drop off (self serve) catering.  With just a $200 order minimum it is a great way to simplify your next picnic. Many guests bring snacks, salads, and desserts and order hot entrees from our self serve catering menu. Learn more about self serve catering here.

Can I drive up to our pavilion to drop off?

Due to safety concerns, vehicles are prohibited in our pavilion area. We do have a drop off area near pavilion H (see map here). We recommend bringing a wagon or cooler on wheels to transport everything to your pavilion. We do have a limited number of complimentary wagons available for use to transport your items to your pavilion. They are located at the drop off area.

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