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Unless you won the lottery or inherited big bucks, chances are you have to wake up every day and go to work. For most, a job is just a job, and a way to make ends meet. But what if work was more like play? What if, instead of "working for your weekend," everyday was your weekend? Fun, Food & Fantasy has its perks and as a member of Team K, you’ll quickly experience one of the “best jobs ever.”

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  • NEW HIRERides (16+): $12.00
    Age (16+): $11.50
    Age (14-15): $9.00
  • REHIRERides (16+): $12.25
    Age (16+): $11.75
    Age (14-15): $9.50
  • 3+ YEARSRides (16+): $12.50
    Age (16+): $12.00
    Age (14-15): -----



Fun, Food & Fantasy...Has PERKS!

  • Play Here.Work with your besties, and meet new friends too!
  • Flexible Schedules.Various Shifts available including days, evenings & weekends.
  • Team Member Discounts.We have discounts for you to enjoy both in park and in the community.See My Discounts!
  • Scholarships.We want to see you succeed! We offer scholarships and tuition reimbursement programs through select colleges and universities.Download Application!
  • Visit Other Parks FREE.Free Admission for you and a friend to other PA Amusement Parks and Attractions!Take me on a Road Trip!
  • Team Member Events.We keep the party rocking all summer long, with exclusive team member activities before, after and even during shift! Ride Nights, Picnics in the Park, Parties, Boat Regattas, Socials & more. We also offer a variety of different intramural sports all summer long!Block Party Highlights
  • Awards & Recognition.Team members that go above and beyond are often acknowledged and awarded "Way to Go" tokens, redeemable for prizes.
  • Paycheck Stuffers.All summer we'll stuff your paycheck with freebies for Food, Drinks & Rides.
  • Affordable Transportation.Want to save on gas and avoid the hassle of getting to work? Sign up for our NEW transportation system to make your commute easier!Sign Up Now!
  • Bonus PotentialWork as little as 30 hours a week, and get an extra $.50 per hour added to your weekly paycheck!

Bonus Potential Blue Coins


Yepper!  WE'VE RAISED OUR 2023 RATES AND ADDED BONUSES!  Wish you could finally take that trip to Mexico or buy that brand new iPhone?  Ohhh yeah... don't forget that car you've had your sights on!  What about college tuition and rent?  Whatever the reason, we're here to help you reach your goal and have FUN along the way! 

This year, our seasonal team members can earn an additional $.50 per hour worked from June 5th through October 30th.  The program will have two phases:

- Phase 1 (June 4 - August 12):  Seasonal team members who work an average of 30+ hours per week during this period will receive a one-time bonus paid at the conclusion of the time period.

- Phase 2 (August 13 - October 29):  Any seasonal team member working during this time will automatically be paid a weekly bonus of $.50 per hour for every hour worked on operational days.


In addition to our 2023 rate increases & bonus program, our seasonal team members will earn an additional $1 per hour worked from Memorial Day through Labor Day by working between the hours of 4pm - 11pm on Friday & Saturdays!


  • High School StudentAge: 16
    EXTRA $1000
    Works weekends in the pre- and post-season and 5 days a week over the summer.
    2021 Earnings: $7560
    2022 Earnings: $8560
  • Weekend WarriorAge: 42
    EXTRA $560
    Has a full time position, but works weekends (side hustle) at Knoebels for vacation money.
    2021 Earnings: $4240
    2022 Earnings: $4800

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