Grand Carousel

Family Rides

  • Status: OPEN
  • Price: $1.50

Choose your favorite hand-carved horse or carriage on our 100 year-old carousel and enjoy a ride set to the beautiful organ music. Try you luck at catching the illusive brass ring, an on ride game that is offered on few carousels today! Every ride is guarantied to have one brass ring with the winner receiving $1.50 in ride tickets...and family bragging rights of course! It’s the perfect ride for the whole family!

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Kozmo's Ratings

  • Speed: 1
  • Intensity: 1
  • Thrill: 2
  • Ride Height: 1
  • Nostalgia: 5

More Information

  • Henry Knoebel, the park's founder, purchased the Grand Carousel in 1941 from Riverside Park in Piscataway Township, NJ.

Read more about the Grand Carousel's history.

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