Flying Turns

Thrill Rides

Price: $4.50   Min Height: Minimum Rider Height of 42" (48" alone)

Go freewheeling, swooping and swerving through some thrilling hairpin turns on the world’s only wooden bobsled rollercoaster! Each car leaves the rails for a ride controlled only by the forces of gravity and momentum. A modern remake of an old classic, this ride will not disappoint the adrenaline seekers! Each time you ride will be a different experience as passengers make their way through our trackless coaster!

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More Information

Top Speed: 24 mph

Highest Point: 47 feet

Duration: 2:00

Flying Turns - Resurrecting a Legend DVD

Watch the trailer here!

After an absence of four decades, and roughly seventy years since last constructed in the U.S., Flying Turns is back! With virtually no available construction documentation from the original rides, a dedicated team worked over seven years building an all-new ‘classic’ coaster, rekindling a passion and craftsmanship thought lost to time.

Next time you're at Knoebels, you can purchase the "Flying Turns - Resurrecting a Legend" DVD at the Chalet (near Phoenix), Sports World (near Flying Turns), or Rental Center (near Giant Wheel).