How old do you have to be to play Lazer Tag/Lazer Maze?

Suggested ages are 7 and older. 

Do we play Lazer Tag or Lazer Maze?

Whatever you would like! The Lazer Command building is yours for the hour.  You can use that time however you’d like: all Lazer Tag, all Lazer Maze, or a combination of both. 

How many people fit in the Lazer Command building?

Invite up to 16 players & bring up to 20 non-players to watch the action in our Lazer Building. 

Can we watch the Lazer Command games?

Yes! There are TVs set up in the lobby of the Lazer Command building, where you can watch the live action Lazer Tag and Lazer Maze games.

Can I bring a cake?

Yes! Give it to the Lazer Command team when you arrive, they can refrigerate it during the Lazer play hour.  You are welcome to bring in any food, snacks, & drinks, but refrigeration is only available for the cake.  

Can I decorate?

Sure. You will have use of the Lazer Command building and 2 tables at Cesari’s pavilion. Feel free to bring whatever you would like, but masking tape only. Everything must be removed from the Lazer Command building by 11:30am and from Cesari’s tables when you leave.  

Can I order more pizza?

Yes. A Lazer Command party includes 2 Cesari’s pizzas (16 slices), 16 bottled waters, & 16 ice cream cups.  You can add more pizzas up to 5 days before the party. Call 570-672-2572 x123.

Where do I park?

A Lazer Command party includes one (1) VIP parking spot near the Lazer Command building.  All other party guests must park in the main parking lot. 

Can I add ride tickets?

Yes, you can add ride tickets at a 20% discount, but they can be purchased up to 5 days before the party, and will be delivered to you the morning of. To order call 570-672-2572  x123.