We have something “Over the Top” planned for 2017!

We're already prepping for our 2017 season!
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The LATEST artist's rendering of "Over the Top!"

We're already getting ready for gearing up for our 2017 season! We were thrilled to announce today that the addition to our 2017 ride lineup is dubbed “Over the Top."

The addition is brand new, but longtime visitors might recognize some characteristics of a former ride! According to Dick Knoebel, the ride stood out to the Knoebel family at the IAAPA expo in November. Just this week, they settled on the name "Over the Top."

“One of the reasons it caught our attention is that it gives riders a sensation similar to that of the old Flying Cages,” said Knoebel. “In addition, we received the stamp of approval from younger family members who never experienced the Cages and still spoke highly of the thrill."

Cages at Knoebels

Dick is referring to the Flying Cages, or Cages, that operated at Knoebels from 1964 until the park’s Handstamp Building was constructed in 1986. A rider was challenged to shift his or her weight back and forth inside the cage, while standing, in an attempt to make the cage go ‘over the top.’ You can find one of the original Cages in the Knoebels History Museum, and during its Hallo-Fun event, when a Cage reemerges as a decoration.

Though riders will not be tasked with propelling the new ride (we're not kidding when we say Cages were a challenge), the ‘over the top’ motion will be part of the rider experience, as will the fact that riders will be standing. The ride will have a Cages-like theme at Knoebels, and will move both clockwise and counterclockwise.

Location of Over the Top

Over the Top will be located in the area of WipeoutFandango, and Cub Cars rides, and the Monkey Madness game. Our Facebook teaser posts generated a lot of interest in whether or not we’re removing anything to make way for the new ride. Don't you worry! You might notice some repositioning of rides, but we’re happy to have enough space to keep everything and will hopefully bring even more interest to all of the other fun to be had in that area (have you ever tried Wipeout? WOW)!

Visitors need to be at least 48 inches in height to ride Over the Top. The ride will reach more than twenty-one feet in height when in operation, and can operate with twelve riders at a time. It is scheduled for a late spring/early summer opening. To date, it is the only one of its kind set for operation in Pennsylvania this year. It is manufactured by SBF-VISA Group. (We bet you might be able to find a video of the prototype - wink, wink!)

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