Impulse - Coming Summer 2015!

You're about to go vertical. Four upside down twists and a 90 degree free fall send you on an unforgettable rush. The momentum starts in 2015.
Impulse rollercoaster at Knoebels

We're excited to announce Impulse, the single largest project in Knoebels history!

Impulse steel coaster at Knoebels

This steel tower coaster will consist of over 2,000 feet of track throughout which the ride will reach speeds of over 55 miles per hour. To begin the ride, the cars will be pulled via a chain lift up a 98-foot vertical hill, creating anticipation for what’s to come. Following the ascent to the peak of what is called a top hat hill, is a 90-degree free fall drop.

Since Whirlwind was removed in 2004, Knoebels has not had a roller coaster that gave guests the thrill of going upside down. We wanted to make sure our guests could experience this while at Knoebels, so one way that will happen is in an upside down loop, and another way will be a heartline roll, which is a 360-degree roll where the center of the car rotates on one axis. The cars will also zip through two separate helices, a cobra roll, and more, which you can take a look at on the video below. Impulse will have three, eight-passenger cars that consist of two rows of four passengers.

Another enjoyable feature will be the fact that the cars will have lap bar restraints versus over-the-shoulder restraints, adding to the thrill and providing hopefully a more comfortable experience. We can’t wait for you to experience the twists, turns and thrills of Impulse in 2015!

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