Five ways to beat the heat at Knoebels!

Did you find yourself visiting Knoebels on one of the hottest days of the summer? No worries! Here are some ways to beat the heat at Knoebels!


Knoebels Water
There's no question that the first topic on this list has to be H2O! The most important thing to remember on a hot day at Knoebels, is that you need to stay hydrated! There's no doubt that our First Aid team is pleasant and knowledgeable, but they'd much rather see you having fun in the park instead of visiting them! We have water fountains throughout the park (just ask a friendly team member for the closest one), or water is available for purchase for $2.00 per bottle. Don't like either of those options? At Knoebels, you can bring your own water!


Gift Shops
During every visit to Knoebels, you should really make it a point to check out the cool merchandise in our unique gift shops! On a hot day? The fact that all of our indoor gift shops are air conditioned makes it an absolute must. We're confident that you'll find everything "Knoebels" that you've ever wanted... And, you'll most likely also find things you never knew you needed!

Splashtastic Rides

When it comes to cooling off, there are always two Knoebels rides that immediately come to mind. All you have to do is decide if you'd like to be completely drenched from head to toe, or enjoy a refreshing splash. Decisions, decisions! Ok, fine... We won't make you choose one or the other. Here's a better idea: Start off with the Giant Flume, then get Sklooosh'd!

Alamo Restaurant and Sweet Treats


Knoebels consistently receives the title of "Best Amusement Park Food" in the world... YUM! Alamo Restaurant is part of the reason for that, and a hot day is the perfect excuse to enjoy this full-service dining (and the AC that comes along with it).

We know some of you like to stay on-the-go while at Knoebels. So, if you don't want to stop for lunch or dinner, make sure you at least take the time and give yourself a break in the shade and enjoy a cool treat at the park (snow cone, soft ice cream, frozen yogurt, hard ice cream, cheesecake - yes, we have cheesecake... on a stick, frozen apple cider, fresh squeezed or frozen lemonade, frozen iced tea... you get the point!).

Here's another air conditioned option that you might not know about - Located next to the park/campground at Knoebels Three Ponds Golf Club is the completely renovated Nickle Plate Bar & Grill! Check it out for some great food AND drinks!

COOL Attractions

Lazer Runner

We have 63 rides to enjoy, so we can understand why our attractions might get overlooked at times. There are two that you definitely won't want to miss on a hot day!

XD Theater: If you like 3D movies, then you’ll love our 4D motion ride experience in Roaring Creek Saloon! You have the opportunity to interact with four different movies! See, hear and feel the action as you are immersed in new and exciting worlds!

Lazer Command: ALL NEW THIS YEAR! Test your skills and stealth against your friends with our indoor laser tag game! Play the role of secret agent as you navigate through this dark neon adventure and stay on your toes as you navigate the obstacles! Check out a video from this brand new experience!

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