Pokémon Go at Knoebels - Happy Catching!

Pokestops at Knoebels

Knoebels is full of Pokéstops, and is even rumored to have a few Pokémon gyms!

We happily welcome Pokémon trainers to the park, but ask that you follow Knoebels' safety rules. 

What should you do to ensure safe and happy catching of those tricky Pokémon?:

  • Cell phones are not permitted on rides (this is every day at Knoebels)
  • Areas are fenced in for your safety (if there's a fence, please keep out)
  • Whether fenced in or not, stay out of restricted areas (look for signage and use common sense)
  • Employee-only areas are just that... For employees, only (we're still hiring if you want to join our team)
  • Remain aware of surroundings (we really don't want you to bump into guests or, let's say, a light pole)
  • Play Pokémon Go during operating hours (if you try to play at night, security will ask you to leave and/or you might encounter a skunk)

Not following safety rules at Knoebels any day can result in being removed from the park.


Pokestop Historical

So, why has Knoebels become a really cool place to play Pokémon Go, you ask?:

  • LOTS of Pokéstops
  • Some Pokéstops explain park history
  • Free in-park wifi
  • Make new friends
  • Great exercise - the park is 45 acres
  • Lots of rides, games, food and shopping to enjoy between gameplay!
Questions or interested in organizing a "group hunt?" Give us a call at (570) 672-2572 and ask to be connected to Guest Relations, or email us. Happy catching!

(Are you asking yourself, "Um, what in the world is Pokémon Go?" Here's info about the game.)

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