Knoebels unveils structure for Bloomsburg Fair carousel display


Knoebels' Bloomsburg Fair Carousel Display


A carousel has always been a key piece of Knoebels' history. When Knoebels opened in 1926, one of the first attractions was a steam-powered carousel. In 1941, Knoebels purchased its Grand Carousel, which has won Amusement Today’s Golden Ticket Award since the award’s inception.

When Knoebels was contacted by Bloomsburg Fair organizers to provide carousel horses for a display, we were honored to be able to play a part in an event that has such a positive impact on the region. Like many Knoebels projects, the Knoebel family communicated their vision for the project, and the team made it happen. Not only did they make it happen, they also exceeded expectations. So far, 10 team members clocked in a total of over 500 hours of work for the project, which ended up being so much more than providing the horses.

The display is now a moving piece, constructed by Knoebels team members by hand with lumber from Knoebel Lumber, complete with “jumper” horses on the inside row. The horses themselves are Allan Herschell horses that Knoebels purchased in the 1980s (they are believed to have been created in the 1950s). While the display is quite the sight as-is, it will be decorated in the days leading up to the 160th Bloomsburg Fair. The display is located in the horticulture building and, in keeping with the building theme, will incorporate floral arrangements.

A special thank you to the following Knoebels team members for their efforts with the project:
     • Scott Erdman
     • Doyle Hendricks
     • Drew Kanaskie
     • Sherry Karpinski
     • Paul Knapik
     • Nate Leighow
     • Dennis Paczkowski
     • Mike Slotterback
     • Adam Welkom
     • Steve Wywadis

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