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Ride & Play Party

Thank you for choosing to celebrate at Knoebels!!
Here is everything you need to know for your Knoebels Ride & Play Party at Kids Korner Pavilions!

Party Schedules

1:30pm Party
12:45pm - Arrive to begin setting up!
1:30pm - Begin your party!
1:45pm - Catering drop off (if you order)
3:00pm-3:15pm - Character visit
3:30pm - Enjoy the park! Please clean up  the pavilion before you leave. 

4:00pm Party
3:15pm - Arrive to begin setting up!
4:00pm - Begin your party!
4:15pm - Catering drop off (if you order)
5:15pm-5:30pm - Character visit
6:00pm - Enjoy the park! Please clean up  the pavilion before you leave.


4:30pm Party
3:45pm - Arrive to begin setting up!
4:30pm - Begin your party!
4:45pm - Catering drop off (if you order)
5:30pm-5:45pm - Character visit
6:30pm - Enjoy the park! Please clean up  the pavilion before you leave.
5:00pm Party
4:15pm - Arrive to begin setting up!
5:00pm - Begin your party!
5:15pm - Catering drop off (if you order)
6:00pm-6:15pm - Character visit
7:00pm - Enjoy the park! Please clean up  the pavilion before you leave.

When you arrive:
 Your pavilion, parking space, and refrigerator will all be marked with the birthday kid's name! A Kids Korner Crew member will deliver your ticket order and birthday gift when you arrive.

Character Visit: Character is available for any photos you’d like to take, plus will play a short game with the kiddos! (ex. Limbo or freeze dance) If you prefer not have a character visit please email and let us know. [email protected] 

Download your party invitation here

Pavilion Location

Your party is at our Kids Korner Pavilions, located near the entrance of the park. Your pavilion will be marked with the birthday kid’s name!

Your pavilion includes:

  • 3 picnic tables under the pavilion and 1 picnic table outside of the pavilion.
  • Lights and electrical outlets. (Please bring an extension cord and power strip for your crockpots, roasters, etc.)
  • Games for the kiddos: tic tac toe, bean bag toss, and hopscotch.
  • Piñata hook in the shared area.
  • Balloon Centerpiece.
  • Your own refrigerator and storage area is located in our shared area.  Feel free to leave everything there before or after your party! It’s right in front of your parking space, so you won’t forget to take anything when you leave. 


Your catering will be delivered to your Kids Korner pavilion at the time listed in your schedule above.

Please order, no later than, 2 weeks before your party. Payment in full is due at time of order. You can add additional ticket books when you order catering! You are also welcome to bring whatever food you'd like, but whatever you bring should be prepared before you arrive. There are no grills in the Kids Korner area. 

All food will be delivered ready to eat in disposable pans with a serving utensil for each item.

Catering Menu

Ready to order?  Call 570-672-2572 X123 or email [email protected]

Ticket Books

10-$10 Ride Ticket Books & 10-$21 Game Ticket Sheets are included in your package.
You can add more tickets up to 3 days before your party.  Additional Game Ticket sheets are $18 and Ride Ticket Books are $8. Tickets never expire. Game Tickets are good for carnival games in the park only. They cannot be redeemed for arcade games or Fascination.

When your Kids Korner Crew member delivers your ticket order at the beginning of your party, they will have additional Tickets available if needed. Day of Ticket purchases will be cash only.  

To order call 570-672-2572 X123 or email [email protected]


Your parking pass is a PDF attached to your confirmation email. Please note extended cab trucks DO NOT FIT in our Kids Korner Pavilions parking spots. Please print your parking pass and put it on your dashboard. You will find your reserved parking spot on Kids Korner Road; it will be marked with the birthday kid’s name!! The rest of your guests will park in the main lot.


Character Visit

One of our Knoebels characters will have an exclusive visit with your guests for approximately 15 minutes. Character is available for any photos you’d like to take plus will play a short game with the kiddos! (ex. Limbo or freeze dance) If you prefer not have a character visit please email us and let me know! [email protected] 


Ride & Play Party FAQs

What is included?

10-$10 Ride Ticket Books, 10-$21 Game Ticket Sheets, party pavilion located at Kids Korner (2 hours), (1) VIP parking spot, balloon centerpiece, exclusive character appearance, birthday invitation PDF and birthday gift.  Hopscotch, bean back toss, and tic tac toe games all available to use at your pavilion. You can choose to have the character NOT visit your party, there is no change in cost. 

How many people can fit at a party pavilion?

Due to COVID19 capacity restrictions, the maximum guests allowed in 40. Each Party will have have 3 standard picnic tables and one food table under the pavilion, and one additional picnic table next to the pavilion.

Is there a party host?

There is no party host, you will be responsible for set up and clean up.  There are garbage cans available for use at each pavilion.  Your pavilion, parking spot, refrigerator, and storage area will all be labeled with the Birthday Kid's name! 

Can I order food to be delivered?

Yes! Just give us a call 2 weeks prior to order! See the catering menu here.  Allergy concerns: we cannot guarantee cross contamination safety for peanut, gluten, or dairy allergies.

Can I bring my own food?

Yes, you can bring whatever food you would like.  We do NOT have grills available in the Party Pavilions. There is power available for crockpots and roasters. We recommend bringing an extension cord and bring power strip if using more than 1 crockpot.

Are paper products included?

Paper products are not included. You are welcome to bring your own, or add them when ordering your catering.  

Are there refrigerators?

Yes! Each party will have their own refrigerator for the day. The refrigerators are all located in one pavilion in the center of the party pavilion area.  

Can I add additional Ride Ticket Books and Game Tickets?

Yes! You can add additional Ride Ticket Books and Game Tickets when you book your party and again when you order your catering 2 weeks prior.    

Can I bring a piñata?

Yes! Each Party Pavilion has a piñata hook.

Can I bring decorations?

Yes, but please masking tape only. No confetti & no sidewalk chalk. All decorates must be taken down before you leave the Party Pavilion.

Do you have tablecloths?

Our tables are painted bright primary colors and table clothes are not needed, but feel free to bring your own.

Are there lights/power?

There are lights and outlets in each pavilion.

Where do I park?

Kids Korner Pavilions come with one (1) VIP parking spot right next to your pavilion. Please note, extended cab trucks do not fit in our VIP parking spaces.  Your parking pass will be emailed to you when you book your party.  It must be printed and placed on your dashboard. Party guests must park in the general parking lot.

Can I get into my pavilion early?

The pavilion space is yours for your reserved party time only. Please do not to try to access the pavilion early or plan to stay in the pavilion later. However, your parking space, refrigerator, and storage area are available to you 1 hour before the park opens until the park closes. So 11am parties may keep things in the refrigerator & storage area until close, and 4pm parties may bring things to refrigerator & storage area before their party.

What if it rains?

All parties are rain or shine. You can reschedule a party, due to weather, up to 3 days in advance.

Is there ice available?

For Saturday and Sunday parties ice is available for purchase at the Group Planning Center. Weekday parties can get ice at our catering kitchen. You may also order ice to be delivered with your catering order.

What if we have to cancel the party?

Due to limited party times available, parties are non refundable. However, we can help you look for a different date/time, or send you the value paid in ticket books.

Contact Alisha Mack, Group Sales Manager
Knoebels Amusement Resort
391 Knoebels Blvd Elysburg, PA 17824