What is included?

Party pavilion (2 hours), party host, all paper products, 1 VIP parking spot, balloon centerpiece, character appearance, gift for the birthday kid, birthday parade down Knoebels Blvd, group train ride (for up to 50 people).

How many people can fit at a party pavilion?

Each Kids Korner party pavilion has 6 standard picnic tables and one long serving table for food. Up to 50 guests fit best.

What does the Party Host do?

Your host takes care of everything! Setting up your paper products, serve food you brought or our catered food.  Organizes nostalgic party games for the kiddos-no prizes, we play for fun. (Pin the tail on the Knoebels character, bean bag toss, relay races, etc).  Your party host also cuts & serves the cake, and handles all of the clean up!  Your host will also have tickets available for your guests to purchase at your discounted party rate. (cash only)


Can I order food?

Yes! We need your order no later than 2 weeks before your party date. See menu. The pizza is Cesari’s, it is cut into 12 slices instead of 8.  All orders are paid in full at the time of order.  Allergy concerns: we cannot guarantee cross contamination safety for peanut, gluten, or dairy allergies.

Can I bring my own food?

Yes, you can bring whatever food you would like.  We do NOT have grills available, all hot food, must be brought hot. There is power available for crockpots, but they must have the easy clean plastic liners. Please bring power strip if using more than 1 crock pot. We provide all serving utensils.

Do you provide ice?

Ice is not provided, but available for purchase in advance or the day of your party.

Do you refrigerate leftover food while we are in the park?

Yes! Your party host will put away and refrigerate all food left overs (except for drinks) until you leave the park, all you have to do is remember to take it when you leave.  Feel free to bring any containers you would like us to pack left over food and drinks in.  Food that does not need to be refrigerated will be stored on the tables across from the refrigerators. 

Can I add Ride Ticket books?

Yes! You can add ride ticket books at 20% off.  Order in advance up to 2 weeks before your party date and your party host will have them ready for when you arrive. Ticket books make great party favors! Your party host will also have ticket books available for your guests to purchase at the discounted rate the day of your party. Cash only.   

Can we get Ride All Day passes?

Yes!  Wednesday and Friday evening parties can add bargain night passes for $8 each. (not available in October) Your party planner will lead the entire group to the Ride Pass building, after your train ride. You do not pay in advance.  For any other Ride All Day passes, group discounts are available when purchasing 50 passes or more. 

Can I bring a piñata?

Yes! Just let us know ahead of time, we will plan to hang it for you.

Can I bring decorations?

Yes, but please masking tape only. No confetti.

Do you have tablecloths?

Our tables are painted bright primary colors and table clothes are not needed, but feel free to bring your own.

Are there lights/power?

We do have lights for those late fall parties, and outlets available at every pavilion.

Where do I park?

Kids Korner parties come with one (1) VIP parking spot right next to your pavilion. Please note, extended cab trucks do not fit in our VIP parking spaces.  Your parking pass will be emailed to you, it must be printed and placed on your dashboard. Party guests must park in the general parking lot. If someone is bringing food, they may drive to the pavilion area to drop off, but then must park in the lot.  

What if it rains?

All parties are rain or shine. If the train is closed due to rain or lightning, train tickets will be issued (up to 50). You can cancel a party, due to weather, up to 4 days in advance. We can work to reschedule your date or issue a refund of Knoebels Ride Ticket in the value you paid for the party, at that time.