Group Tickets and Ride Plans

Group Tickets and Ride Plans

Knoebels is a great destination for groups of family and friends and a great value too! We offer a variety of flexible group ticket plans at discounted prices to meet the needs of all age groups and budgets. We’ll take care of packing your tickets, so all your group has to do is enjoy their day! And as America’s Largest Free Admission Park, those parents, grandparents and chaperones who don’t want to ride can save big and still experience all the fun Knoebels has to offer!
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 Group Ride Plans

Preferred Partner Program

Are you having a Catered Event at Knoebels?  Ever think about coming during the week?  Go ticket-free and enjoy a day of unlimited rides!  

  • Reduced Crowds & Traffic
  • Quicker Ride Access
  • Park closer to the fun

Catered Group Weekday Ride Savings

Catered Group Size WEEKDAY Ride Plan Savings
50-99 up to 20%
100-249 up to 30%
250-499 up to 40%
500+ up to 50%

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 Group Ticket Plans

These tickets can be pre-packed in any dollar amount your group may require for easy distribution. For example, $5.00, $8.00, $30.00 packs or any amount you can think of. Ticket packs can then be shipped to you or picked up at the park office the day of your picnic.

If after a great day at Knoebels you find your group has some complete packs of tickets left, you can return them for full credit within one week of your picnic, or you can keep them for future visits. Knoebels tickets never expire!

Ticket Styles

You can pick one style of ticket for your packets or choose mixed style packs according to your group’s needs. Discounts listed apply to gross ticket purchases of $500 minimum. 

Tickets to Knoebels amusement park

Rides Only Ticket

  • 20% Discount
  • 25¢ Value Toward Rides Only
Knoebels Tickets

Brown & White Ticket

A favorite of experienced picnic planners!

  • 10% Discount
  • 25¢ Value Toward Rides, Refreshments, Games, Pool

Knoebels tickets- pink & white

Pink & White (Deluxe) Ticket

  • Net Term
  • 25¢ Value Toward Rides, Pool, Games, Gift Shops, Refreshments, Dining Room, Cafeteria

Let Us Help You!

Our group planning specialists can help you create a ticket plan that’s perfect for you. We can also make sure you have all the details taken care of, from catering the picnic to reserving a pavilion! Just give us a call at 1-800-487-4386.

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