Our Favorite Monsters Come to Town!


Knoebel's Premier Halloween Music Show!!!
Uncle Fester stands with a lightbulb in his mouth, Phil Krebs can be seen singing in the background.

All year we wait patiently for the Hallo-Fun season here at Knoebels, because only then can some of our favorite friends come to visit; like the Werewolf or Frankenstein's Monster, and let's not forget the skeletons that put the bones in RATL n' BONES!

RATL and their many creepy characters put on a Halloween spectacular, with every performance of the day being different than the last. That's right! Four full shows worth of music, without a repeat! 

Whether you want the Monster Mash, I Put A Spell on You, Love Potion #9, or you're looking to hear some Halloween jams you've never heard before, they've got it all! 

The Witch reaches towards the camera while singing.
The Werewolf air guitars next to Phil Krebs as he shreds his real guitar.