Volunteer Program

Volunteer Program

It's More Than Just Fun and Games!

Knoebels is looking for volunteers to help with our end-of-the-season crunch, when most of our high school and college staff have already returned to their studies. Knoebels has designed a Volunteer Program that provides opportunities for non-profit organizations to raise money while assisting the park staffing needs.

Here's How It Works:

Knoebels will make a donation to your organization for hours volunteered at Knoebels starting
the second week of August through Labor Day.

Knoebels will contribute $7.25/hour per volunteer directly to your organization.  

That means if 10 persons each work 5 hours a week for 3 weeks:
$7.25 per hour per volunteer
x 5 hours per week
$36.25 per volunteer per week
x 10 persons
= $362.50 per week
x 3 weeks

$1,087.50 Total for your Organization!!!!

Our Volunteer Program is a Win-Win situation, and really makes an impact with or local non-profit organizations.

Director of Human Resources, Knoebels Amusement Resort

Added Bonus 

As an added bonus, each volunteer receives $5.00 in ride tickets for every 10 hours volunteered!

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