Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans

Make learning fun and relevant for your students by incorporating Knoebels into your lesson plans! We’ve created comprehensive lesson plan ideas for your classroom based off the PA state standards for education. Then, plan your educational trip to Knoebels, where you can make learning come to life!

Art Lessons (Middle School & Up)

Art Lesson; Learn at Knoebels; Knoebels Grand Carousel

Teach your artists about the principles of art and design using Knoebels as the example! From color theory as it relates to mood to form/shapes and lines, our art lessons will help you and your students feel inspired.


Math Lessons (5TH Grade & Up)

Math Lessons; Learn at Knoebels; train over truss bridge
 Consumer math (addition, multiplication and division) can be boring for students when they can’t see how it applies to the real world. Our lessons incorporate Knoebels food, gift and ride prices into the equation to help motivate students and make relevant connections.


Geometry Lessons (Middle & High School)

Geometry Lessons; Learn at Knoebels; Galleon Ride

 Right, obtuse or acute? Knoebels has whatever angle you’re looking for. Our geometry lesson will have your students seeing all kinds of angles and lines in our ride and building architecture!


“Knoebels gave my students the opportunity to have fun and learn at the same time. The students saw how what they learned in the classroom can be applied in the real world . . . even at an amusement park!” Kristie A., Teacher

Physics Lessons (9TH Grade & Up)

Physics Lessons; learn at Knoebels; Fandango ride

 It’s amusement park science! Help convey to students how physics principles underlie everyday phenomena. Learn how the forces that are felt on Knoebels’ thrill rides can be explained Newton’s Three Laws of Motion.


History Lessons (High School)

Knoebels blacksmith; Learn at Knoebels

 There are many historical periods seen and referenced in the rides and attractions throughout Knoebels. Learn about The Alamo, the history of the automobile, the steam engine and more!


Knoebels History

While you're revisiting the days gone by, visit our Carousel & Organ History page or check out our comprehensive Knoebels Timeline for a closer looks at how Knoebels came to be!

Knoebels Timeline                               Carousel & Organ History

Map Reading Lessons (Elementary School)

Map Reading Lessons; Learn at Knoebels; Knoebels Park Map

 Teach your students the skills of reading a map, using the Knoebels park map as an example! Kids will love applying their skills to navigate through all the fun, food and fantasy Knoebels has to offer!


An Educational Trip for All Ages!

Knoebels Bald Eagle Habitat; Learn at Knoebels

Plan a school trip to Knoebels to make your lesson plans jump off the page. Teach them about the rich coal mining heritage of Pennsylvania with a guided tour of our Anthracite Mine Museum. Learn about the ecosystem by visiting our Bald Eagle Habitat. Take a walk through the Knoebels History Museum and Carousel Museum to learn more about how Knoebels came to be. Then, end the day with a Knoebels-catered school picnic in one of our pavilions! Students learn by experience, and this is one experience they’ll never forget.

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