Knoebels is committed to cultivating our youth, and we have many attractions throughout the park that are educationally based, fun and FREE!  We offer guided and self guided tours of these wonderful attractions. Learn about the rich coal mining heritage of Pennsylvania with a tour of our Anthracite Mine Museum, or take lessons from our staff engineers about the nuts and bolts behind your favorite rides.

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Knoebels Mine Museum-Educational Partnerships

 Anthracite Mine Museum

Coal deposits are scattered around the globe, but the coal from a 500 square mile region of northeastern Pennsylvania is special. This museum is a tribute to the anthracite coal mining industry, and our local community, whose families were raised here.  Continue on the mine trail and finish up your tour by taking ride on the Black Diamond right next door!

Bald Eagle Habitat-Educational Partnerships at Knoebels

 Bald Eagle Habitat

Did you know that bald eagles mate for life and that they are an important indicator of the health of our shared ecosystem?  Learn more about these and other interesting eagle topics by visiting Henry and Hattie at our Bald Eagle Habitat.

Knoebels History Museum-Educational Partnership

 Knoebels History Museum

Take a walk through the Knoebels History Museum to learn more about how Knoebels came to be and how past generations enjoyed their time at “The Grove.”

Read more about the Knoebels family, see past attractions, and look at photographs of days gone by on our Knoebels timeline.   View Timeline

Knoebels carousel Museum-Educational Partnerships

 Carousel Museum

Opening in 1992, this unique addition to the park features over 50 carousel figures, scenery panels, chariot sides and other memorabilia dating back to the late 1800s.  Whether you want to spend an afternoon learning about carousel history or just want to be entertained by looking at the past, this exhibit has something for everyone.

Read more about Knoebels' hand-crafted carousels & authentic organs.    Carousel & Organ History

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