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We Put the FUN in Fundraising!

Looking for creative & easy ways to help raise funds for your school group or non-profit organizations? Knoebels can help!  We have a variety of options to help you raise money for your organization.

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Sell Knoebels Tickets


1. Determine Your Selling Price

We will sell you $20 books of ride tickets at a cost of $15. You turn around and sell the tickets at whatever margin works for you.

Recommended Sales Prices
  • Sell at $16 for a profit of $1.00
  • Sell at $17 for a profit of $2.00
  • Sell at $18 for a profit of $3.00 *RECOMMENDED*
  • Sell at $19 for a profit of $4.00

Minimum Order Quantity: 200 books of $20 Ride Tickets.

2. Determine Your Selling Dates/Delivery Dates

  • Determine the date that your school group would like to receive and distribute our tickets.
  • You will receive confirmation from a Group Sales representative to schedule your fundraiser. At that time, you can coordinate a scheduled pick up date. All tickets will be packed and available for pick up at the park office. We request a 2-day lead time on all ticket orders.

3. Get Started

If you have determined your quantity, selling price & ticket pickup date, you are ready to begin your fundraiser with Knoebels!   To get started, please contact Erik Beagle at (570) 672-2572 Ext 780 or email

Dine to Donate

 @ The Nickle Plate Bar & Grill

Only 1/2 mile from the Amusement Park, at Knoebels Three Ponds Golf Course.

Need money to support a great cause, a team, or charity group?  Let us know - so you can host a "Dine to Donate" event at the Nickle Plate Bar & Grill.  We will contribute 20% of your check to the organization of your choice!

"Dine to Donate" events are open to typically scheduled on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 5pm - 8pm.


We will design a custom flyer listing your organization and the date and time of the "Dine to Donate" event.  The fundraiser/organization host will make copies and share with everyone and anyone they wish.  The flyer just needs to presented to a Nickle Plate server at the time of order and 20% of your check will be donated back to your organization.  It's. That. Easy.

Fundraiser/organization host or volunteers cannot hand out the flyer on property the night of the event.  Purchases include dine-in or take-out (excluding alcohol & gift card purchases).

For more details, contact Matson Pierec or call 570-672-5277.

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