Knoebels offers free admission, free parking, free entertainment and free picnic facilities, making it a great destination for affordable family vacations, picnics, birthday parties, and group outings.
Kozmo and Dexter on Impulse

 Pay-One-Price Plans

Ride tickets are great if you are just hitting a few rides, but serious ride enthusiasts will want to consider a Pay-One-Price Plan. Our plans are affordable and keep the fun going all day long!

Haunted Mansion and Pool not included in any pay-one-price plans. Prices, dates and hours vary, check our calendar for specifics. All times on all plans are weather permitting.

Ride All Day Plan

Available Monday–Friday Only (excludes Memorial Day & Labor Day)

  • Basic Rides—$38.00
  • Basic + Wooden Coasters—$46.00


  • Basic Rides—$24.00
  • Basic + Wooden Coasters—$30.00

Pool & Haunted Mansion excluded.

Sundown Plan Begins at 5:00 PM

Available Monday–Friday Only

  • Basic Rides—$22.50
  • Basic + Wooden Coasters—$28.00


  • Basic Rides—$15.00
  • Basic + Wooden Coasters—$19.00

Pool & Haunted Mansion excluded.

Bargain Night Begins at 6:00 PM

Available Wednesday & Friday Only

  • $10.00 per person
  • $7.50 under 48" tall

Black Diamond, Flying Turns, Haunted Mansion, Impulse, Phoenix, Scenic Skyway and Twister not included.

 Ride Tickets

These discounts do not apply to any pay-one-price handstamp plans. Small Group purchases can be made at the park office and select ticket booths.

Weekday Special (10% off)

Monday—Friday (April 25th - Nov 1st)

  • $5.00 book of tickets—$4.50
  • $10.00 book of tickets—$9.00
  • $20.00 book of tickets—$18.00

Individual Ride Prices

Military Policy

Active Duty & Reservists—$40 Book of Ride Tickets

Retired & Veterans—$20 Book of Ride Tickets

Learn More

 Group Discounts

Small Group Discounts ($150 - $499)

Purchases can be made at the park office and select ticket booths.  April 25th - November 1st 

15% OFF:  MondayFriday

  • $5.00 book of tickets—$4.25
  • $10.00 book of tickets—$8.50
  • $20.00 book of tickets—$17.00

10% OFF:  Saturday, Sunday & Holidays

  • $5.00 book of tickets—$4.50
  • $10.00 book of tickets—$9.00
  • $20.00 book of tickets—$18.00

Large Group Discounts ($500 Minimum)

Large group discount plans are available with advanced notice, please contact Group Sales at 1-800-487-4386 ext. 124.   April 25th - November 1st 

20% OFF:   Weekdays, Weekends & Holidays

  • $5.00 book of tickets—$4.00
  • $10.00 book of tickets—$8.00
  • $20.00 book of tickets—$16.00

 Tickets can be picked up at the park office, or mailed via USPS or UPS.  Shipping charges may apply. 

 Giant Crystal Pool

Opens at 11am

Learn more about the Crystal Pool.

Swim All Day 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM (weather permitting)

Pool Only

  • General—$7.00
  • Ages 2-11—$5.00

Combo (Swim & Slide)

  • General—$14.50
  • Ages 2-11—$12.50

Evening Special 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM (weather permitting)

Combo (Swim & Slide)

  • General—$9.00

A La Carte (Swim Admission Required)


  • Per ride—$1.00
  • Six rides—$5.00
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