Knoebels Apps

Knoebels has mobile apps for Android and iPhones.

Knoebels Amusement Resort, located in Elysburg, PA, is the perfect family destination, offering FREE ADMISSION, FREE PARKING, and FREE ENTERTAINMENT. GoKnoebels serves as your mobile electronic guide to all the Fun, Food, and Fantasy that Knoebels has to offer. Find all the information you need about our wide variety of exciting rides, attractions, award-winning food, games, entertainment, and gift shops right at your fingertips. Use GoKnoebels as a tool to plan your upcoming trip or as a personal tour guide on the day of your visit. As you stroll through and explore this summer getaway, you will be alerted to some of our most famous and popular attractions. GoKnoebels enables you to discover Knoebels’ charm at your own pace and encourages you to enjoy a trip tailored to your group’s park preferences.

Features include:
Interactive, zoomable GPS maps that indicate your current location and your selected POI (must have connectivity for maps)

A description of each location


Daily entertainment schedule and information on special events

Additional embedded data, such as phone numbers, websites, routing to address and text deliver all the info you need for each stop

GoKnoebels has an easy interface that enables you to quickly download the app so you can begin your tour within minutes

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